World Microbiome Day


The gut microbiome plays a very important role in many aspects of health including immunity, metabolic and neurobehavioral.

However, various factors can affect the balance of the microbiome and health of children. In the challenging times that we are in, is there a change in the relationship between the microbiome and certain conditions in children? Where are we now in terms of research and reducing the risk of disease?

This exclusive NNI webinar The Microbiome and Health Risks in the Changing Times will take place on June 24th 14:00-15:30 (CET) and our speakers will cover Hot topics that are relevant to the times:

- How the change in lifestyle in the present times is affecting the microbiome and metabolic health particularly the increasing risk of obesity;
- The concept of the gut brain axis and stress in children and the role of the gut microbiota in reducing the risk of disease and a lot more.

More details can be seen in the agenda below:



Sylvia EstradaPhilippines


Ted DinanIreland


Hania SzajewskaPoland

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